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Thierno Iliassa Baldé

Deputy Director of Human Resources

I am a junior student in Mining Engineering at Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey. I graduated high school with honors and ranked the 18th best student in Guinea, I received a fully funded scholarship from the Government. I have been a member and the team Leader at AIESEC International for almost a year and I currently hold the title of “Global Peace Ambassador” representing my country around the world.


Throughout my education and experience at AIESEC, I have had the opportunity to work with people from around the world and find solutions to global issues and most importantly I have had the opportunity to create lifelong relationships and friendships. I am also a member of GCYPS ( Global Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security )


I joined GYLI so I can help the youth of my country get more opportunities, better education, be mentored, basically help in all possible ways. I like the fact that at GYLI we are a set of young people helping our peers in order to develop our nation, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and ethical leadership.


Thierno Iliassa Baldé
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