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Our Aspirations

Our Beliefs


Whether it is Guinea, Africa, or the world at large, individualism has never led to sustainable progress. Starting from its leaders, what Guinea needs more than anything is a stronger solidarity of its people.


We believe that every human being should strive to live a just life. This is what makes the constant teaching of Ethical Leadership to ourselves and to others a lifetime mission. 

Education for All

We envision a world where  receiving a good quality education is the least of people's worries, where education should not be a privilege but a right. 


Innovation plays a key role in driving a country's growth. Without entrepreneurs, there would be little innovation, little productivity growth, and fewer jobs. We seek to empower Guinea's entrepreneurs to unleash the country's full potential


Courage is the driver of all aspirations. In this initiative we're starting, we shall do what is right with courage by serving others, and by learning from them to grow, and become better human beings.


We are committed to consistently basing all our actions on sustainability principles to protect our planet and future. In doing so, we will always work to improve the social, economical and environmental well being of our community.


Our Programs

We offer a wide-variety of educational programs that meet the needs of our students, and addresses Guinea's most pressing issues

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