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Emerging Leaders Camp

Entrepreneurship | Leadership | Education | Innovation

Inspired by successful educational models such as African Leadership Academy (South Africa), our Emerging Leaders Camp is an an intensive one-month entrepreneurial and leadership education program for young guineans aged 15-25 who exhibit high leadership potential. The Emerging Leaders Camp is our flagship program. 

Working with schools and our local partners in Conakry, we select, through a rigorous application process, their most talented young leaders to join our program.


Using our unique human-centered curriculum, students are challenged to think holistically about Guinea's most pressing socio-economic and environmental issues, and to create innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions to address these problems.  

Program Key Focus Areas

Our curriculum offers an entrepreneurial human-centered experience to our students

Community Building

Through a set of fun activities, our students get to learn about one another, appreciate their similarities and differences, and forge long-lasting bonds

History Learning

With a combination of historical site visits and mini lectures, we go beyond what is taught in history books to help you understand Guinea's beautiful yet complex history.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

We empower and guide our students in creating innovative solutions to Guinea's most pressing issues. The best ideas are rewarded at our Business Model Competition

Exposure to top schools

We bring some of Africa's and the world's most prestigious schools closer to our students and we provide them support throughout their application process

Career Enhancement

Throughout our Emerging Leaders Camp, students are provided the tools to refine their resume, expand their network, and enhance their professional branding

Story Telling

Guinean youths are talented, courageous, and resilient. We provide them with the platform for their stories to be heard beyond Guinea.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for young leaders who are intellectually curious and are socially engaged with the issues facing their communities on a daily basis. Find more details on our selection criteria below. 


Geographical Location

The applicant needs to be based in Conakry throughout the program to be considered. Given the limited resources of our organization, we are unable to accommodate students living outside the capital city. No need to be a Guinean citizen to apply. 



We seek students who are aged 15 to 25 to join our Emerging Leaders Camp. If your age is not this range, we invite you to explore our additional programs to see if one fits your needs


Leadership & Entrepreneurial Potential

We look for youths who are passionate about social transformation and are proactively making positive impacts in their communities despite the limited resources they may have


Cultural Awareness

Guinea is a very diverse country with 13+ Million inhabitants, 40+ languages spoken, and many religious and cultural identities. In your application, we want to see how you exhibit and promote this diversity


Intellectual Curiosity

At GYLI, we do not define intelligence by the grades you have. We go beyond the numbers in your transcripts to understand how you think critically when faced with disturbing or unusual topics, when put out of your comfort zone. 


Resilience & Care for Others

Each individual has a unique story to tell. In our application, we provide you the space for you to tell us what make you unique. In doing so, we also want to see what "others", the people next and far from you, mean to you. 

How to Apply

When our program opens, a link will be available below for you to submit your application. In the meantime, feel free to contact us below with any question.

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