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About Guinean Young Leaders Initiative

Conceptualized in 2021. Launched in January 2022.


Guinean Young Leaders Initiative (GYLI) is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower Guinea's most promising young leaders to drive positive change through ethical and entrepreneurial leadership education. ​


​We envision building a sustainable ecosystem that will help create the stability Guinea needs to nurture, in a healthy and progressive way, ethical and entrepreneurial leaders who will unlock the full socio-economic potential of the country, and an innovative education system that will identify, develop, and connect Guinea's brightest youths to the resources needed to grow and the best opportunities to succeed in Guinea.​


​We are purposefully working towards building a school that will ensure that Guinea's most talented youths have access to a world-class education in Guinea, stay in Guinea, and have access to the necessary resources to address, on their own, the country's most pressing socio-economic and environmental issues. 


Guinean Young Leaders Initiative is more than an organization. It is  a network of change-makers. We are a community that embraces Guinea’s social and cultural diversity through our core values which guide us in our daily decisions and actions:

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We believe that Guinea’s rich social, cultural, and religious diversity is a valuable asset to the country’s development. We don’t only believe in diversity but we act it out. 

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Together, we are stronger. In every conversation we have, and every action we take, we build bridges to understand and accept our differences for one goal: a more united Guinea.

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From our thought process to our decision-outcome, we always strive for the best and celebrate the accomplishments of our peers. 

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We stand for what we believe in, and take responsibility for our words and actions. 

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We withstand adversity and bounce back stronger by supporting one another like a family. 

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Our accomplishments derive from the efforts of many. We shall always remember those who helped us.

Guinean Young Leaders Initiative Team selfie during a retreat.

The People Behind GYLI

Guinean Young Leaders Initiative is a result of many young and diverse leaders coming together for a common goal: to make Guinea a prosperous nation. 

Our Programs

We offer a wide-variety of educational programs that meet the needs of our students, and addresses Guinea's most pressing issues


Bakary Junior Kamano

"Being among the 30 youths selected to attend GYLI's Emerging Leaders Camp, I was able to meet several young people who believe in the future of our country and Africa in general. On behalf of my peers and myself, I say thank you for the great quality of the training, the opportunities and all of the information made available to us."

—Bakary Junior Kamano, high school senior, Conakry

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