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Conference on Peace in Guinea: Welcome Speech by our CEO, Souleymane Diallo

5/23/22, 9:00 PM

On Saturday May 21, 2022, the conference on peace, reconciliation and development in Guinea, organized by the Guinean Young Leaders Initiative, was held at Kofi Annan University in Conakry. We invite you to read the welcome speech of our CEO, Souleymane Diallo.

Excellency Former Minister of Planning, Distinguished Former Ministers of Security, Madam Former Minister of Women's Rights and Empowerment, Mr. President of the Union of Democrats for the Renaissance of Guinea, Dear Professor and Director of the Department of African Studies at Howard University, Mr. Founder of Kofi Annan University, Dear Imam of the Mosque de Coeur, Madam President and CEO of A&M Business, Mr. Representative of the National Transitional Council, Madam President of the NGO Émergence-Agro-Pastorale, Dear Audience, My name is Souleymane Diallo  and I am a third year student in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Rochester. It is on behalf of all my teammates, and in my capacity as CEO that I welcome you to the first edition of the conference on peace, reconciliation and development in Guinea organized by our Foundation, the Guinean Young Leaders Initiative (GYLI)

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