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Empowering Guinea's most promising young leaders to drive positive change

The 2022 Pilot Program's highlights covered by Guinea's national TV.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission of empowering and retaining Guinea's brightest minds in Guinea, for Guinea. 

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Our Programs

To accelerate Guinea's socio-economic and environmental development, we offer a diverse range of educational programs to the country's most talented youths. 

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Support Us

Whether it is by sponsoring our students, partnering with us, or volunteering at one of our programs, there are many ways you can help us achieve our mission.

Recent News

Our organization is rapidly growing, and many things happen here everyday.  Take the time to read about the most recent news at Guinean Young Leaders Initiative

Guinea in Perspective

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A Big Paradox

With some of Africa’s largest natural resource endowments and 55.5% of its population under 20, Guinea is, on paper, among the richest countries in the world. Yet, one of the poorest. 


Poor Leadership

Guinea's first democratic President was elected in 2010, 52 years after the country's independence. 

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Gender Inequality

According to a 2016 report by UNICEF Guinea, in Guinea, girls are underrepresented in all levels of education, especially in post-primary schooling.  

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Over 60% of Guinean graduates are unemployed, due to limited formal job opportunities, dependence on the public sector for employment, and political instability. 

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Our Partners, Sponsors & Models

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Siège Social: Sangoyah, Commune de Matoto, Republique de Guinée

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